Corporate Vision/Mission

Vision, Mission, Corporate Objectives, and Strategy


We shall strive to be the world’s best manufacturing service company by providing high quality products and services to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


To Customers:

We shall create maximum satisfaction of customers through enhancing world-class EQCD (Environment, Quality, Cost and Delivery).

To Employees:

We shall develop capabilities, expertise and professionalism of employees through providing them with learning opportunities and productive work-life balance.

To Business Partners:

We shall establish and maintain long-term win-win relationship with business partners through strengthening the foundation of fairness and mutual trust.

To Community, Society and Environment:

We shall contribute to sustainable improvement of quality of life for community and society as well as environment through exercising environmental stewardship together with social responsibilities.

To Shareholders:

We shall generate sustainable value for shareholders through seeking new business opportunities and good corporate governance.

Corporate objectives

  1. Build strong relationship with customers, obtain their trust and provide them with superlative satisfaction.
  2. Maintain and strengthen competitiveness on EQCD (Environment, Quality, Cost and Delivery).
  3. Strictly follow all relevant laws and regulations and fulfill responsibilities as a public company.
  4. Cause none of environmental, industrial, or occupational accident.
  5. Develop and foster all employees and provide them with opportunity to contribute.


Competitive position

The Company, as a manufacturing service company, has been improving customers’ satisfaction by providing them with higher quality, shorter delivery time and more reasonable cost than competitors.
The Company has obtained and shall further strengthen the competitiveness against its major competitors through the following competitive edges.

  1. Broad range of production method and technology

The Company has established an exceptionally broad range of production methods and technologies as a manufacturing service provider covering metal stamping, plastic molding, painting & printing, surface mounting on PCB, assembly of component & finished product, die & mold design, die & mold manufacturing, and metal surface treatment. This diversity has made the Company more capable than competitors of accepting various order and requirement from wide range of customers.

  1. Seamless integration of various manufacturing lines

Having in-house various manufacturing lines applying various methods and technologies as mentioned above, the Company has been integrating them in the most effective way into assembling components and/or finished products. Through such seamless integration the Company provides customers with higher quality, shorter lead time and lower cost.

  1. Well-coordinated cross-functional cooperation

Since all employees of the Company, through the history and experience of such integration as mentioned above, very well realize its value, the Company has well-coordinated cross-functional cooperation all through its organizations covering not only production but also sales, logistics, procurement, and administration. This cooperation enhances customers’ trust and satisfaction to the Company.

Target of Company
Strategy for success in 2022
METCO shall strive to accomplish each department’s objective with full effort in order to achieve the FY2022 policy objectives.

<Business Promotion Department>

Amid increasingly intensifying competition, it is important that the Muramoto Group companies shall cooperate with each other in order to achieve sustainable growth. In this regard, we need to increase the organizational strength of the sales departments within the entire Muramoto Group and establish and implement effective sales strategies. We shall promote each Group company and determine its role for each customer, ensure closer cooperation with other Group companies, and ensure that each company shall perform its role efficiently and effectively. We shall not only support the established areas of our business, but we shall also actively pursue new business fields and markets.

<Production Department>

We shall promote adoption of the ERP system in order to maintain and strengthen the system to deliver the required quantity of goods, with the best quality, at competitive cost, and within the delivery due date required by the customers. The ERP system shall eliminate waste and reduce risk by optimizing the overall workflow, including receipt and placement of orders, receipt of goods, manufacturing, shipment, and the settlement of accounts.

<Administration Department>

We shall be a corporation that enhances added value by the whole Company through implementing “Information dissemination”, “Proposals” and “Improvement” as the key points of our internal control. Furthermore, we shall enhance the added value of our staff and make our business operation more effective by improving their “Competence” and “Skill” levels. We shall also eliminate waste and prevent problems from occurring by effective anticipation, and establish a cooperation system that integrates sales, production, operations, and management.

<Quality Department>

The Company requires an internal control to deal with the various risks. The company shall prepare a control system that has been improved to remove the waste (Muda). Focusing on the coordination system that connects sales - production, operations, controlling, and preventing the problems in advance.

Non-Financial Performance Indicator

Non-Financial Indicators are measures used to assess the activities that the Company sees as important to the achievement of its strategic objectives other than the financial ones. Following are the common non-financial KPIs that the Company uses as part of performance management.

Actual Target
1. Customer’s satisfaction 92% 80%
2. Accident (Stop working 3 days) 2 0
3. Training hours 5 Hours 8 Hours
4. Waste segregation 95% 100%
5. Wastewater treatment 100% 100%